Plans and prices

24.9€/month (1)
35.9€/month (1)
77.9€/month (1)
Work Management
Follow-up of the manufacturing processNoSíSíSí
Check ControlSíSíSíSí
Control of traceability and materials usedSíSíSíSí
Management of additionsNoSíSíSí
Shipping & ReturnsNoSíSíSí
Integration with messaging services
Control and tracking of the deliveryNoNoSíSí
Color shotSíSíSíSí
Control outsourced workSíSíSíSí
Agile actions on multiple worksNoNoSíSí
Stages of elaboration by product or workNoSíSíSí
Allocation and planning of realization and delivery datesNoSíSíSí
Control of works in clinicNoSíSíSí
Schedule of tasks and status of each workNoSíSíSí
Task view of each technicianNoSíSíSí
Control and assignment of tasks to machinesNoSíSíSí
Automatic work schedulingNoNoSíSí
Workload control by technicianNoNoSíSí
Control of occupation of machinesNoNoSíSí
Employee time controlNoNoSíSí
Digital flow
Digital PrescriptionSíSíSíSí
Advanced assistant for digital prescription5 €/month5 €/month5 €/monthAs needed
Work imagesSíSíSíSí
Integration with intraoral scanners
Medit iTero
Storage space for images and filesUp to 1 GB (2)Up to 5 GB (2)Up to 50 GB (2)As needed
Free access by customers (3)SíSíSíSí
Mobile App for CustomersNoNoSíSí
Exchange of notes and messages in each workSíSíSíSí
Integration with payment gateways
Paypal Stripe Addon Payments PagoFácil
NoNoConsultAs needed
Importing works from CAD/CAM filesNoNoSíSí
Billing and accounting
Rates and price listsSíSíSíSí
Direct invoice from workSíSíSíSí
Compilation invoice (monthly, etc.)SíSíSíSí
Automatic billing to various clinicsSíSíSíSí
Multiple billing seriesSíSíSíSí
Immediate consultation from the delivery note clinic and invoicesSíSíSíSí
Collection managementSíSíSíSí
Balance and outstanding invoices per clinicSíSíSíSí
Management of orders and other expensesSíSíSíSí
Remittance and Receipt ManagementNoNoSíSí
Document Management
Compliance sheet, traceability, etc.SíSíSíSí
Work sheetSíSíSíSí
Invoices, delivery notes, etc.SíSíSíSí
Digital signatureNoSíSíSí
Several templates to choose fromNoNoSíSí
Custom templatesConsultConsultSíSí
Printing multiple documents at onceNoNoSíSí
Storage and materials
Control of materials and stockSíSíSíSí
Provider managementSíSíSíSí
Ordering material and direct shipment to providersSíSíSíSí
Automatic orders based on stockSíSíSíSí
Lot controlSíSíSíSí
Management of materials sent by the customerSíSíSíSí
Barcode reader supportSíSíSíSí
Basic laboratory situation reportsNoSíSíSí
Basic historical and evolution reportsNoSíSíSí
Advanced reportsNoNoSíSí
Custom ReportsNoNoConsultAs needed
Multiple users per laboratoryNoUntil 10UnlimitedUnlimited
Functions differentiated according to roleNoSíSíSí
Advanced access controlNoSíSíSí
Access for customers (clinics, laboratories)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Translated into several languagesSíSíSíSí
Website includedNoNoSíSí
Management of incidentsSíSíSíSí
CRM (contacts, alerts, mailing, etc.)NoNoSíSí
Basic Alerts and NoticesSíSíSíSí
Advanced alerts and noticesNoNoSíSí
Sending emails from home addressNoNoSíSí
Import dataConsultConsultConsultSí
Technical supportBasicBasicPriorityPriority
Personalization and exclusivity
Dedicated serverNoNoConsultAs needed
Access in own domainNoNoConsultAs needed
Custom FunctionalityNoNoConsultAs needed
Customizing the interfaceNoNoConsultAs needed
  1. Taxes not included (if applicable).
  2. Vevi Dental automatically optimizes the images that you upload to our platform, to reduce its size but maintaining a great quality. Thanks to this process you can store about 2,500 images in the mini plan, 15,000 in the standard plan, and more than 100,000 in the premium plan. If necessary, Vevi Dental will allow the hiring of additional space.
  3. All plans include access to an unlimited number of customers, always according to a reasonable use of resources. Laboratories that work on a daily basis with a large number of customers could exceed this limit. Consult conditions in such cases.